The Queen's College Crest

The Queen’s College

University of Oxford

Governing Body (2014-15)

Name College Office Subject
Prof Simon Aldridge MA DPhil Oxf  Tutor for Graduates Inorganic Chemistry
Prof Sir John Ball KBE, BA Camb, MA Oxf, DPhil Sus, FRS, FRSE Mathematics
Mr Nicholas Bamforth BCL, MA Oxf Secretary of the Governing Body Law
Dr Rebecca Beasley MA Berkeley, MA PhD Camb, MA DPhil Oxf Fellow Librarian English
Prof John Blair MA DPhil Oxf, FSA, FBA Modern History
Dr Angus Bowie MA PhD Camb, MA DPhil Oxf  Secretary of the Benefices Committee Classics
Dr Mark Buckley MA DPhil Oxf Steward of the Senior Common Room Psychology
Dr Yves Capdeboscq MSc École Centrale Paris, MA Oxf, PhD Sorbonne, Dipl Camb Mathematics
Dr Charles Crowther MA Camb, MA Cincinnati, MA Oxf, PhD Lond Ancient History
Dr John Davis MA DPhil Oxf Tutor for Undergraduates Modern History
Dr Jonathan Doye BA PhD Camb Tutor for Admissions Theoretical Chemistry
Dr Anthony Gardner BA MA LLB Melbourne, PhD (UNSW) Fine Art
Prof Annette Gordon-Reed Dartmouth, BA Harvard, JD Harold Vyvyan Harmsworth Professor of American History
Dr Jennifer Guest BA Yale, MA Waseda, MA MPhil PhD Columbia Japanese
Dr Yuval Heller BSc Jerusalem MSc PhD Tel Aviv Economics
Prof John Hyman MA BPhil DPhil Oxf  Web Editor Philosophy
Prof Jane Langdale BSc Bath, MA Oxf, PhD Lond Plant Sciences
Dr Laura Lonsdale MA Oxf, PhD Birm Spanish
Dr Charlie Louth BA PhD Camb, MA DPhil Oxf German
Prof Paul Madden MA Oxf, DPhil Sus, FRS, FRSE Provost Chemistry
Prof Jane Mellor BSc Manc, MA Oxf, PhD R’dg Biochemistry
Dr Dirk Meyer MA PhD Leiden Chinese Philosophy
Dr Richard Nickerson BSc Edin, MA DPhil Oxf Secretary of the Remuneration Committee Physics
Prof Chris Norbury MA Oxf, PhD Lond Senior Tutor
Secretary of the Tutorial Committee
Prof Chris O’Callaghan BM BCh MA DPhil DM Oxf, FRCP Dean, Senior Treasurer of the JCR Medicine
Dr Keyna O’Reilly MA DPhil Oxf Equalities Advisor & Hardship Officer Materials Science
Dr Nicholas Owen MA DPhil Oxf Politics
Dr Panagiotis Papazoglou BS Crete, MA PhD Columbia, MA Oxf, Habil Paris-Sud Mathematics
Prof Richard Parkinson MA DPhil Oxf Egyptology
Prof Roger Pearson MA DPhil Oxf, FBA Secretary of the Laming Committee French
Dr Ludovic Phalippou BA Toulouse, MA SoCal, PhD INSEAD Finance
Prof Owen Rees MA PhD Camb, MA Oxf, ARCO Organist Music
Prof Peter Robbins BM BCh MA DPhil Oxf Medicine
Prof Ritchie Robertson MA Edin, MA DPhil Oxf, PhD Camb, FBA Taylor Professor of the German Language and Literature
Dr Paolo Tammaro Laurea Genoa, PhD Bath Medicine
Prof Robert Taylor MA DPhil Oxf Entertainment Secretary Physics
Dr Andrew Timms MA Camb, MPhil PhD Bristol Bursar
Prof Ian Tomlinson BM BCh Oxf, MA PhD Camb, FRCPath, FMedSci Molecular & Population Genetics
Dr Lindsay Turnbull BA Camb, PhD London  Garden Mistress Plant Sciences