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Endowment of Neda Agha-Soltan Scholarship

The College is delighted to announce that the appeal to endow the Neda Agha-Soltan Graduate Scholarship has reached its £70,000 target. The Scholarship, which funds the College’s graduate fee, is open to postgraduate students in philosophy, with preference given to Iranian nationals. It is named after Neda Agha-Soltan, who died in 2009 during political protests in Tehran.

Contributors to the Scholarship include many distinguished former students of the College, including university professors, members of the British Academy and members of the House of Lords.

The Scholarship has so far funded two students; the first subsequently moved to Cambridge and has just completed a doctorate. She writes:

In the UK, philosophy funding is sparse, and very difficult to come by. I was therefore thrilled to be awarded the Neda-Agha Soltan scholarship, not only because it meant that I could definitely afford to study in Oxford, but also because it was of great symbolic importance to me, as a young woman of Iranian descent, to be able to honour the memory of Neda, whose life was so unjustly cut short. I will always feel very proud to have been the first recipient of this scholarship, and am grateful to the generous donors who have contributed to the fund, in order to ensure that other students in financial difficulty can study at the Queen’s college, and that the memory of Neda is kept alive amongst the student populace.

The second Scholarship-holder is currently studying political philosophy and the history of political thought. He comments:

Given some of the difficulties in obtaining all the funding I needed to expedite my research, this award over the course of the year has really allowed me to undertake my research without the anxieties and distractions which generally accompany financial insecurity.

The College is very grateful to all those who supported the Scholarship, and especially to those who had no prior connection to the College or who took significant risks in order to donate. We are particularly pleased to have been able to inform Neda Agha-Soltan’s mother of this achievement.