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John Blair to give the 2013 Ford Lectures

The 2013 Ford Lectures in British History will be given by Professor John Blair.  John Blair was awarded a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship three years ago and his research forms the basis for the lectures.  His project is entitled People and Places in Anglo-Saxon England, and will be a comprehensive historical reassessment of social, economic, settlement and landscape change in England during c.650-1100, based on first-hand review of all the written, archaeological, topographical, artefactual and numismatic sources. Themes to be explored include the eighth-century economy and `productive sites’, transport by road and water, the geography of commerce, lordship and manorial organisation, consumerism, urbanisation, and perceptions of sacred landscapes. A central approach will be thorough scrutiny of the great mass of still largely undigested data recovered through developer-funded archaeology and metal-detecting.


Old Members may recall that John Prestwich gave the Ford lectures in 1982-3.


The lectures will take place in weeks 1 – 6 in Hilary Term 2013, on Fridays at 5 pm. They will be held in the Examination Schools and are open to all.