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Information from the Academic Administrator

Regulations for Collections 2019 - 2020

  • Moral Tutors will inform students at the end of each term of the Collections they will be sitting on returning from the vacation, and for ensuring that Collections are set, marked, returned, and recorded on OxCORT, normally by the end of the second week of term, and certainly no later than the end of fourth week of each term.
  • Collections will take place in 0th Week, at 14.15 to 17.15 on Thursday and at 09.15 to 12.15 on Friday morning, and 14.15 to 17.15 on Friday afternoon, in the Hall or another designated examination room.
  • Students will be emailed with a list of those sitting Collections at the start of 0th Week each term and a final list will be placed on the Front Quad Notice Board on Wednesday of 0th Week.
  • Changes to the timetable or Collection paper can only be authorised by a Moral Tutor.
  • Students will be seated in alphabetical order, with tables marked ‘A to C’ etc. Collection packs will be set out at each student’s place in advance. At the end of the Collection, students will secure the cover sheet, booklets and examination paper together with a treasury tag and either leave in front of them on the table where they are sitting or place in the box in the centre of Hall.
  • Gowns will be worn in Hall or another designated examination room.
  • Authorised members of the College will invigilate the Collections. Invigilators will periodically patrol the examination room.
  • No books may be taken into the examination room: where books of statutes, mathematical tables etc. are required, the Tutor will inform the College Office and this will be noted on the list. Where no such note is found, no books will be permitted.
  • No mobile phones may be brought into the examination room.
  • No paper may be brought into the examination room; lined script booklets will be supplied.
  • The names of those arriving after the first 15 minutes will be noted on the list of candidates attending.
  • Students who wish to leave examination room during the Collections will request the permission of the Invigilator. A note will be made on the list of candidates of the time at which the student left and returned.
  • If a student wishes to leave the examination room before the final 30 minutes of the Collection and has no intention of returning, he or she must ask the permission of the Invigilator and the time will be noted.
  • Prizes are awarded for those who receive first class marks in their Collections.

Provost's Academic Collections

The self-assessment form for this term's Provost's Academic Collections has now closed.