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College Awards and Prizes

650th Anniversary Trust Fund awards

To celebrate the College’s 650th Anniversary, Old Members of the College set up a Trust Fund to disburse awards to Current Members in the region of £150 - £500 for a variety of cultural and sporting activities. Applications are open at the start of the calendar year. Apply for a 650th Anniversary Trust Fund award.

Academic Scholarships and Exhibitions for Undergraduates

Such awards are made to second, third or fourth year undergraduates by the Governing Body in Michaelmas Term.  Each award is for the current academic year only, but may be renewed for continued good academic performance. Excellent performance in University examinations and /or College collections during the first or second year of undergraduate study in Oxford may be recognised by the award of an Exhibition to the value of £150 or a Junior Scholarship to the value of £300.  At the end of the second year of study in Oxford (which for a student spending the second year abroad would be the third year of study), any student previously awarded an Exhibition or a Junior Scholarship may be award a Scholarship to the value of £450 for sustained academic excellence. Any undergraduate who holds one of these awards may wear a scholar’s gown, the cost of which will be reimbursed by the College on proof of purchase.    

Music Awards

Organ Scholarships, each with a value of £300 p.a.  are offered at the time of admission to ensure as far as possible that there are always two such award holders in residence at any one time.  Instrumental awards are offered after admission in the years that no organ award holder is admitted with a value of £200 p.a. for a Scholarship and £150 p.a. for an Exhibition.  Normally six Choral Scholarships (value £300 p.a.) are offered each year either at or after admission.  All music awards are tenable for one academic year only.  They are renewable subject to satisfactory performance, and, in the case of Choral Scholarships, subject to the rule that there shall be a maximum of 18 Choral Scholars at any time.

Benefactors’ Prizes

Up to twelve such Prizes (with a value of £100 each) are awarded annually to undergraduate and graduate Junior Members in recognition of non-academic contributions to the life of the College, subject to at least satisfactory academic performance. Nominations may be made by any member of the College no later than Friday of 4th week of Trinity Term, and the nomination process allows for self-nomination.

Blake Prize in History

Awarded annually to the most meritorious of those beginning their last year of undergraduate studies in the Final Honour School of Modern History or any Joint Final Honour school (including Literae Humaniores) involving the study of Ancient or Modern History.

Bolus Prize in Classics

Awarded for the most meritorious translation into English of a passage of Greek and a passage of Latin in Trinity Term of even years.

Britton Prize

Awarded annually to the undergraduate member in his or her final year who has made the greatest contribution to College sport.

Dajani Prize

Awarded annually to any undergraduate member of the College who has exhibited most academic distinction in his or her studies where these have been relevant to the promotion of a better understanding and awareness of the historical, cultural and economic relationship between Great Britain and the Arab world.

Ives Prize

Awarded annually to undergraduate members of the College whose work for the Final Honour School has been clearly assessed by their tutors as being of first class standard but who failed to achieve first class honours in the final examination or to be awarded any other prize as a result of that examination.

Cecil King Prize

Awarded in Hilary Term of every year for an essay on some aspect of contemporary European political, philosophical, or economic life.

Many Prize for an English Essay

Awarded in Trinity term of each year to undergraduate members of the College (including those with senior status) reading for the Final Honour School in English or joint Final Honour Schools with English, for the best tutorial essay written in the current academic year.

Markheim Prize in French

Awarded annually on the result of a translation paper which is sat in the first week of Trinity Term.

J.A. Scott Prizes in Natural Sciences, and English or History (2 Prizes)

Awarded annually to graduates of the College attaining First or Second Class Honours degrees in the final examination in (a) Natural Sciences and (b) English or History (whether Ancient or Modern), with a first preference for students educated at St Bees School, for students born in Cumberland, and then without restriction.

Temple Prize in Mathematics

Awarded annually at the beginning of Michaelmas Term to undergraduates beginning their third year of study in the Final Honour School of Mathematics, Mathematics & Philosophy, Mathematics & Statistics or Mathematics & Computation.

Essay Prize in Clinical Medicine

Awarded annually to Clinical Medical students in their penultimate year.