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The Facts Facing the UK's Future

At a time of great uncertainty on the matter of Brexit, The Queen's College Colloquium brought together leading experts from the UK, Europe and the US to provide an informative synthesis of the facts on possible outcomes to the negotiations. 

A list of speakers can be found on the right and talk titles and video resources from the day are included below.


Two-minute summary


'As a place for robust but open-minded thinking and learning, The Queen’s College was proud to host this timely colloquium. Bringing together these great minds to discuss the UK’s future in an apolitical way provided a unique opportunity: it’s time to start listening to the experts.'

Prof P A Madden FRS FRSE, The Provost of Queen's College

‘If Brexit does prove to be a threat to higher education then that would be a great concern to all of us who take a long-term view, as intellectual capital and creativity thrives best in free-moving societies.  That is why I welcome the current discussion in the UK on the benefits of keeping access to foreign students open.’

Paul Polman, Group Chief Executive Officer, Unilever

‘It is vitally important that universities engage actively in the ongoing Brexit debate. This symposium brought together experts from around the world for a day of high-level discussion, and I am delighted that it was hosted here in Oxford at The Queen’s College.’


Professor Louise Richardson, Vice-Chancellor, University of Oxford