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Cor​onavirus: Information for Students, Staff, and Fellows

Last updated 18 May 2021

Following the relaxing of government restrictions, from Monday 17 of May, the College’s supplementary rules relating to Covid have been updated:

As of 17 May, guests of students are now permitted indoors and outdoors as private visitors.  This means students can have another student visit them in their room, but they must observe the rule of six and social distancing and not exceed the room capacity. (Rules for private overnight guests in College rooms follows the normal College regulations.)

Guests who are here on College business (including Old Members and prospective students and their families are permitted to visit, with the following exclusions:

  • No guests permitted to dine or attend an event in College (due to capacity)  
  • SCR dining - guests cannot dine at lunch or at High Table dinner at the moment (due to capacity)
  • Events for Old Members and prospective applicants are not permitted until after 21 June at the earliest

The public are permitted to attend organ recitals.

Unfortunately guests cannot attend an indoor or outdoor event (club/ society/ student-led event, such as in the marquee, Hall, Shulman Auditorium etc., due to capacity).

Overnight guests are not permitted in either the SCR or JCR guest rooms (only permitted after 21 June at the earliest).

With regard to the general use of some indoor spaces, the restrictions we set out in Michaelmas Term 2020 are still relevant, and we do not expect to be able to open all of our indoor facilities this term. The conditions at Step 3 are not dissimilar to how things were in Michaelmas Term; the risk assessment prepared in readiness for Michaelmas Term was based on capacity, ventilation, and the safe management of our spaces, and these aspects have not fundamentally changed. We will be reviewing the use of some indoor spaces in due course. 

We intend that the College relaxes the rules as fast as it can and remain consistent with the law and government guidelines.

Testing for those on site

The University is now providing free testing via the new symptom-free (LFD) testing centres located in easy-to-access sites around Oxford.  Everyone who is working or studying on site can get tested twice a week, every week throughout Trinity term, including those staff and students who have been vaccinated or have had COVID-19 more than 90 days ago.  

It is possible to order LFD tests via a number of other routes, including delivery of tests in the post – details of which can be found on the Government website.

Further information, including details about when you should not participate, can be found at  This page also includes the link to book your test. Booking a test prevents queues and ensures the process is quick and seamless. The nearest site to Queen’s to book a test is at the University Club, on Mansfield Road. At the testing centre your University card will be scanned and you will be given a registration card with barcode sticker.

What to do if you test positive  

Anyone who tests positive in any LFD tests (including those via community testing or received from the Government via another route), must immediately self-isolate and book a confirmatory PCR test, preferably through the University’s Early Alert Service. You (and your household) should immediately self-isolate and assume you have the virus, pending the result of the confirmatory PCR test.

Welfare provision

Whether you're studying from home or back in College, don't forget that you can speak to any member of the welfare team if there's anything that you need to talk about. Jo, our Welfare Officer, is available during office hours all term and you can reach her here: The Chaplain is available throughout the term and can be contacted here: Junior Deans are on duty overnight from 7pm and over the weekend so if you need any out-of-hours support, you can reach them here:


We understand how difficult this time has been, and continues to be, for so many of you. Over the Easter break we hope you enjoyed a pause from your study and found some time for other pursuits. Although things are a long way from normal, we hope the positive effects of longer days and spring sunshine, and the encouraging trends on the pandemic front, will help to lift all our hearts. We wish you well and are pleased to try to help you if we can so do not hesitate to contact us if your questions are not answered here or in the emails you have received at the start of term.


Please note the process to follow if you experience symptoms of the virus:

Further information is available on our page of Frequently Asked Questions for students with symptoms of COVID-19 as well as information about self-isolation and support available for students.

Keep inf​​ormed​

We encourage everyone to continue to check the University's Coronavirus webpages regularly to keep informed of the latest local advice. The webpages include detailed information for students and staff, including frequently asked questions.

You may also find the following sites useful:

The Queen’s College Library

Those of you who are working remotely are not alone.  If you need to access resources - online, in print or scanned - or if you have any questions, you are encouraged to email or call 01865 279130/7 and a member of the library team will help you. (Office hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.) Throughout term, the library will be open from 10am -10pm Monday to Friday and 10am - 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

For details of arrangements in relation to the Archive, please contact

  • For staff

    You can download further information for academic staff about COVID and also information for non-academic staff about COVID.

    Working from home

    Please make use of Microsoft Teams as much as possible (including for virtual coffee breaks!). The LinkedIn Learning courses provide useful introductions to a range of things, including a one-hour introduction to remote working, and the University has a site licence for everyone. David Olds has compiled a set of resources on the Queen's IT Office Blog that may help you adjust to remote working. (There is also a useful page of resources compiled by Oxford IT Services.)

    The University has created resources on the HR website to support those working from home.

    On a practical note, please use an out-of-office auto-reply message to let people know when you are / aren’t available if you’re following a different routine from usual.

    Temporary sick pay arrangements for staff

    Until further notice the following arrangements will apply in the event that you have symptoms of coronavirus:

    • If you have coronavirus symptoms, you should contact your line manager, who will discuss with you whether and how you can work from home.
    • If you have to self-isolate you will be expected to carry on working from home if possible, so long as your symptoms are mild enough that you would ordinarily continue to come in to work.
    • If you have to self-isolate but are unable to work from home, you will be granted special paid leave at the normal rate of pay for that period.
    • If you are too unwell to work during the period of self-isolation, you should contact your line manager from home to let them know.
    • You will not be required to use annual leave to cover a period of self-isolation, and this will not be included in your sickness record. If you are unwell beyond the period of self-isolation required by Public Health England advice, then the resulting absence should be treated as sickness absence, and the College’s normal sick leave policy will apply.
    • In the event that you do not have coronavirus symptoms but a member of your household does, and/or if you are contacted by Test & Trace and told to self-isolate, and you cannot work from home, you will be granted special paid leave at the normal rate of pay for that 10-day period.