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Covid-19 in Italy: the view of an intensive care doctor from the eye of the storm

Irene, an ICU doctor, started her new job in Milan in January 2020, just before the pandemic hit Italy. She reports how Covid-19 is running wild in an unprepared and disorganised healthcare system. The delay in the distribution of equipment, the decentralised healthcare system, the confusion created by the onslaught of sometimes contradictory measures from towns, regions and the government – these are some of the causes of one of the highest mortality rates in the world: more than 17,000 deaths to date, including 120 doctors and nurses. Meanwhile, lockdown is causing the country’s economy to grind to a halt: food banks are required not only in the most deprived areas. (see the article by Gad Lerner in La Repubblica from 4 April 2020). 9 April 2020






A translation of L'avventura by Fiamma Luzzati. 

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