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The Queen's College COVID-19 Rules

Version 1.00 (25 September 2020)


The College is a community of responsible and intelligent adults, and it recognises that it is inappropriate and most probably unnecessary to introduce very intrusive or paternalistic rules to deal with the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 (‘the pandemic’). Nevertheless, in light of the risks to public health in the College and the wider community, and bearing in mind in particular the risks to those who are particularly vulnerable, the College considers it necessary to introduce the following rules for the coming academic year (2020–21). These rules supplement the College’s Regulations, which remain in force. Where there is any inconsistency or conflict between these rules and the Regulations, these rules shall for the time being prevail.


  1. In addition to the requirements of general conduct as set out in the College’s Regulations, junior members are expected in particular to behave responsibly with regard to the risks to public health presented by the pandemic, and to follow all relevant English law and UK government guidance.
  2. Junior members must read, and follow where required, all signs in the College that are displayed as a consequence of the pandemic and are issued under the authority of one of the following officers of the College: the Domestic Bursar, the Senior Tutor, the Dean, the Bursar, or the Provost.
  3. Junior members must comply with all reasonable instructions given by employees of the College, where such instructions arise as, or in respect of, consequences of the pandemic.
  4. Guests who are not current members of the College are not permitted on College premises.
  5. Junior members (including those living out of College) who have symptoms of COVID-19 must inform the Domestic Bursar and Lodge as soon as reasonably possible.