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Celebrating Oliver Sacks



Emily Downing
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Admission free

The College is holding a symposium in honour of Oliver Sacks, Honorary Fellow and Old Member, who died in 2015.

The event will include speakers such as Professor Jonathan Cole, writer of Pride and a Daily Marathon and Dr Lizzie Burns, from the 'Anti-boredom Campaign'. During the event there will also be a dialogue between Liz Jensen, short-listed for the Guardian Fiction Award, and Professor Morten Kringelbach, prominent neuroscientist and Senior Research Fellow at Queen's. Dr Roman Krznaric and Clare Patey, founder and director of The Empathy Museum respectively, will talk about empathy and how to bring you closer to someone else's experience.

Students from The Queen's College have been selected to share their perspectives on Oliver Sacks' fascinating life and work, and how these have influenced their own work, studies and views. We have also prepared several art exhibitions thanks to the participation of Clare Patey, Director of the Empathy Museum in London, and well-renowned artist Annie Catrell. The talks and events will be followed by a drinks reception.

More information and tickets for the event can be reserved here.

Download the full programme here.

Organised by Marina Charquero Ballester, Cecilia Høgfeldt, Tim van Hartevelt and Morten Kringelbach