We will celebrate our traditional Needle and Thread Gaudy again in 2023, after it had to be cancelled earlier this year due to COVID19. It will be held on Saturday 7 January 2023 for Old Members who matriculated in the years 1976 or 1977.

Old Members who booked for this year’s cancelled Needle and Thread Gaudy will receive an invitation to book their place again; the remaining places will be available to others in the year groups.

Traditionally held at the beginning of the New Year, this dinner involves the College’s Bursar threading a needle into each guest’s jacket and advising them to be thrifty in the coming year. Needles were historically popular as Christmas gifts but it is thought that this Gaudy’s customs are a pun on the College founder’s name, Eglesfield—the French words ‘aiguilles et fils’ meaning needles and threads.


Christine Baro-Hone
0044 1865 279217

Event price

The Gaudy dinner is free of charge. B&B is available for Saturday 7 January at £45pp.

Booking is now closed.

Due to space restrictions in Hall, this is an Old Member only event (from matriculation years 1976 and 1977).



  4.00pm   Tea & cake in the Shulman Auditorium
  4.30pm   Short presentation
  6.30pm   Drinks in the Upper Library
  7.00pm   Dinner (Black Tie)


  8.15–9.45am   Breakfast in Hall
  8.45am    Holy Communion