How did the universe begin? What is its ultimate fate? What are we made of? Seeking the answer to these questions has led to the establishment of the Big Bang model and revealed intriguing properties of the universe such as dark matter and dark energy. In this talk two our of our Queen’s experts in astrophysics will discuss the great contributions of Queen’s alumni Edmond Halley (1673) and Edwin Hubble (Jurisprudence, 1910) and explore the fascinating journey of how the intersection between theoretical and observational research has revolutionised our current understanding of the cosmos, as well as opening up new questions for generations to come.

Dr Josu Aurrekoetxea joined The Queen’s College as Beecroft Fellow in Cosmology and Extraordinary Junior Research Fellow in Physics in 2021. In his research he uses computers to simulate some of the most catastrophic events in the universe, such as the collision of black holes.

Ghassan Yassin is Emeritus Professor of Astrophysics at The Queen’s College. His research interests include the development of ultrasensitive quantum detectors and superconducting components for millimetre and terahertz astronomical receivers.

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