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Freddy Foulston

Freddy Foulston




Hi, I’m Freddy, I’m in my first year studying Classics at Queen’s.  I live in Esher, Surrey.

As a Classics student, I am often asked why I would commit to spending four years studying two ‘dead languages’- but Classics is one of the most rich and varied degrees, combining literature, philosophy, history, and art, as well as Latin and Greek of course, which live on in Romance languages and in the historic fabric of society. A Classics degree could take you from Ancient Egypt to the foundation of democracy through to modern ethics. There is something for everyone, particularly in Greats (the second half of the Classics degree) where you pick eight papers from a choice of 80. Plus, the fact that it’s even called ‘The Greats’ is a win.  Of course, the work can be demanding, and you sometimes find yourself floundering in the library on a Thursday night, torn between finishing off that essay for your weekly tutorial - which is always good idea - or heading out for a nutty night at Bridge with your friends. Overall though, the workload is manageable if you use your time well and shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Besides, I think the first year should be spent exploring other aspects of student life, and to be honest, just enjoying the Oxford experience.

Beyond study, there is a myriad of activities to get involved in. The Freshers' Fair is a huge event when you first arrive that will introduce you to hundreds of societies you didn’t even know existed. Speaking from personal experience, this will inevitably lead to you becoming overexcited and signing up to far too many, including the battle re-enactment society, who clog your inbox, asking you to come and drink mead with them in a college you’ve never heard of on the other side of the city. As diverse and interesting as these societies are, I would recommend picking just a few that you are really interested in. Student journalism is also big at Oxford, and accessible to any student of the University. I have written for Cherwell and The Oxford Student; it’s as easy as joining their Facebook contributors’ page if you are interested in writing.


College Experience

The one word that springs to mind when thinking of Queen’s is community. Due its smaller size and welcoming nature, Queen’s has a cosy and close-knit feel, felt especially in the JCR (Junior Common Room) and infamous Beer Cellar, which plays host to our all inclusive 'bops' (parties) with a different theme every other week. For many, the Beer Cellar is the social hub and hotspot of Queen’s where you can relax with your friends at the end of a long day.

Queen’s is very proud of its football club, QCAFC. The two mens’ teams, the 1st and 2nd XI (a.k.a The ANIMALS) have historically competed at a high intercollegiate level. Win or lose, rain or shine, football at Queen’s is all about getting out, having fun, and enjoying some camaraderie away from work. The legendary Martin, who’s in charge of the football grounds and pavilion, gets us shandies after the game if we’re lucky. It’s fair to say the girls' team outperformed the boys this season, reaching the quarter finals of Cuppers recently. Besides a variety of other sports, you can also get involved in music, drama, choir, and all sorts of activities in College.

Overall, Queen’s is a fun, inclusive, and vibrant place to be.