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FAQs - Students with symptoms of COVID-19

1. What should I do if I have symptoms?

2. How long do I have to self-isolate for?

You must self-isolate for 10 full days if you live in a household with someone who has a positive test or has symptoms, or if you have symptoms or tested positive. You will be told when you should stop self-isolating, and must not stop before the required period of isolation has elapsed.

3. How does a household self-isolate?

The symptomatic student should remain in their room, avoid all contact with others, including their own household, and if possible, make food and eat in their room. Any shared facility should be cleaned both before and after use. All others in the household should stay in their room as much as possible, and if sharing any facilities, must remain within their household ‘area’ in the residence, and be very careful to social distance and reduce any face-to-face interactions with any other person, in any household. If the household shares a single facility such as kitchen or bathroom, those in the household who are not symptomatic may continue to use the facility but must also clean both before and after use.

4. What shared facilities will be available to me while I self-isolate (kitchens, toilets/ washrooms, laundry, etc.)?

In some cases students in self-isolation will continue to share facilities, i.e. toilet/ washroom or kitchen, and these must be cleaned before and after use. You should limit use of shared kitchen facilities as much as possible whilst you are symptomatic or have tested positive. You should not access the shared laundry facilities for your building whilst in isolation; the following options are available if it is essential to change sheets or do laundry during your period of isolation:

  • Hire additional linen from the College, which must be washed after the isolation period and returned to the College.
  • Request hand-washing detergent to use in the sink in your room. The cost is £1.60 and can be batelled to the student.
  • Use the Oxwash service - isolating students can use the company Oxwash to launder items. Students can book and pay for this service themselves. Oxwash will deliver laundry bags to the Lodge which will need to be delivered to the isolating student’s bedroom door by a friend or non-isolating student volunteer. The friend/volunteer will need to take the empty bag to the student bedroom door, return the sealed bag of laundry to the Lodge for collection and then deliver the clean items back to the student's room.

For more information on any of these options, please contact the Steward, Susan Tutty,

5. Will a scout continue to clean a shared facility if I, or someone in my household is sick and self-isolating, while we continue to use shared facilities?

No, during any self-isolation, you should be very careful to clean both before and after any use of a shared facility. Being very careful about cleaning in this way and reducing your use of any shared facility as much as possible will help to protect both your fellow students and College staff.

6. Can I get online shopping deliveries (non-food) sent to me while I self-isolate?

Yes, if you are staying in the main college (i.e. Back Quad, Carrodus) you can ask the Lodge to leave any parcels somewhere that you can collect them easily. If you are staying in one of the off-site buildings (e.g. St Aldates House, Venneit Close), the Lodge will store all items (non-food) in the postage room until you are able to collect them after self-isolate or you may wish to ask a non-isolating friend to collect them for you. You must send the Lodge a note that you permit them to collect your post.

7. Will I be provided with food from the college while I self-isolate?

Yes, if you wish. However, you can also arrange your own food. Our logistical arrangements are not adequate to provide many students with food from the kitchen, so please look to find alternative solutions too and see our page on Self-isolation Support - Provisions for further details.

8. How can I have food delivered to me while I self-isolate?

There are a number of food delivery options available. You can contact a retailer (such as a supermarket) direct and pre-pay for your items online. If you are ordering items through the College kitchens, they will organise your order. If possible please ask a friend to support you and ask them to collect food items from College, as this would be a great help to us. If you are ordering through the College the payment will be put on your Batells.

  • Honey’s will deliver to any of our accommodation buildings and are familiar with them. You will need to tell them which building you are resident in and arrange timings.
  • If you are ordering food from a supermarket (such as Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, etc.) and the delivery is being made to SAH, Cardo, James Street, Venneit Close or Oxley-Wright, you will need to make sure that they are given all the information for delivery.
  • Food deliveries from a supermarket to main College are to come in via the main gate and be placed in the east cloister, and we ask that the amount of packaging in each delivery be kept to a minimum. You should contact the Lodge by email and give them an estimated time of delivery. Once the delivery is made, the Lodge will contact the student by email to arrange handover/ collection. The Lodge cannot deliver take-away meals such as pizza or curry.

9. Will I be able to go outside my room if I maintain social distancing while I self-isolate?

No, if you are having to self-isolate you should not make any plans to go outside your room, unless you need to use shared facilities, until the end of the self-isolation period. You will be told when the period ends and if in doubt please do ask the Lodge.

10. Will we be able to remove rubbish from our rooms?

Not if you are sick with COVID-19. Rubbish from the room of a person who is ill with COVID-19 will be double bagged, kept in the room and only removed at the end of the self-isolation period when symptoms have ended. Staff will provide bags. Similar procedures may be necessary for anyone who is in isolation because of contact with a person who is symptomatic.

11. Will we be provided with any cooking equipment in our rooms?

Generally students will have access to a microwave and mini fridge in their rooms as well as a kettle if they are sick and must self-isolate. In a few cases students have access to a kitchen while in self-isolation.

12. Who can I contact in the College if I have any queries during self-isolation?

The Lodge is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If there are any problems during your stay, they can direct your queries to the correct people as necessary.

Their number is 01865 279120 or you can email them on

13. I have a medical condition or dietary requirement – how will this be managed while I am in self-isolation?

You should be registered with a GP while here in Oxford and should contact your GP about your medical condition. If you require special assistance with food, or other items you cannot obtain online, you might ask friends to help. The Queen's kitchen should be aware of any dietary requirements orallergies you have. If you have dietary needs that the kitchen cannot help with, please contact the Domestic Bursar (

If you are concerned about any welfare issue, please contact any of the College Welfare Team, either:

You may also wish to contact the JCR student welfare representatives who are:

Domestic Bursar, updated 14 December 2020