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Henry Theakston, 2014




Picking a college is tricky and a lot has to be considered, but I had heard a lot about the community at Queen’s and can now confirm that it is incredibly strong and inclusive. In connection with this, I had also heard about the college football team, and more specifically the men’s 3rd football team, known to all as the ANIMALS. The beauty and the appeal of the ANIMALS is that absolutely anyone can play; the only requirement is that you show up. Such an ethos has allowed me to go from having rarely played football before university to being a team captain. We ANIMALS are renowned for our team spirit and I believe that playing is the best fun anyone can have in Oxford.

College Experience

I’m halfway through my second year at The Queen’s College and loving it, but, having spent my life in the Catholic state schools of Leeds where I was born and grew up, Oxford was a bit of a shock for me when I arrived. When I chose Oxford I knew that the working environment and what was expected of me as a student would be completely new, and I looked forward to the challenges. In my first term though, I struggled as I didn’t really know how to write the weekly essays which my tutors set me. With help, though, I felt much more comfortable with the work as the term progressed, and the shock of living in Oxford was merely short-term as I soon felt home with the great people at Queen’s.

Advice for Applicants

For me, then, community was one of the most important factors in choosing a college, and if I was to give any advice to applicants it would be to find out what really matters to you, be it academics, sports, arts, community or anything, and use websites like the student room to find out what the students of each college actually have to say.