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Italian Poetry Today
New reading group on contemporary Italian poetry
Italian Poetry Today is a seminar series co-founded by Dr Adele Bardazzi (The Queen's College), Roberto Binetti (St Anne’s College) and Olmo Calzolari (Keble College).

This seminar series developed from the previous activities of the Reading Group on Contemporary Italian Poetry, which was supported by The Queen’s College and the University's Sub-Faculty of Italian. The Reading Group formed a well-established audience both within and outside of Oxford. Given the collaborations that the have developed over the years and the increasing interest among scholars working on contemporary Italian poetry, we decided to support this research hub by creating Italian Poetry Today (IPT), which will continue to host a variety of events. In continuation with our 2019-20 programme, IPT aims to discuss, appreciate, and problematise issues of contemporary Italian poetry, in continuous dialogue with living poets, writers, translators, and scholars.

Everyone is welcome to attend the seminars. Poems are read in Italian with an English translation available for non-Italian speakers. If you would like to propose an author for an event, please contact Dr Adele Bardazzi at

You can find more information about IPT on the Italian Poetry Today Facebook page.

Trinity Term 2021

All the events will be held online on Wednesday at 5:30 pm (GMT, London Time).

Wednesday 28 April, 5:30pm

‘Per più dolore servirà più memoria’, a poetry reading by Maddalena Bergamin. Maddalena Bergamin will be joined in conversation by the poet Giovanna Frene. 

Zoom link for 28 April

Wednesday 5 May, 5:30pm

‘Tutto è sempre ora’, a poetry reading by Antonio Prete. Antonio Prete will be joined in conversation by Dr Alessandra Aloisi (Oriel College, Oxford).

Zoom link for 5 May

Wednesday 9 June, 5:30pm

‘Vedere attraverso le parole’, a poetry reading by Corrado Benigni. Corrado Benigni will be joined in conversation by Roberto Binetti (University of Oxford) and Professor Andrea Cortellessa (Roma Tre University). 

Zoom link for 9 June

Wednesday 16 June, 5.30 pm

Antonella Anedda in conversation with Professor Emanuela Tandello (Christ Church, Oxford)

Zoom link for 16 June


Dr Adele Bardazzi is an Extraordinary Junior Research Fellow at The Queen's College and Admissions Officer at Merton College. Prior to this, she was Laming Junior Fellow at The Queen's College, Stipendiary Lecturer at Christ Church and Lector in Italian at the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, University of Oxford. Her research focuses on modern and contemporary poetry, with a series of cross-disciplinary, comparative, and gender-orientated foci. In particular, her scholarship focuses on lyric poetry (with an emphasis on elegy), discourses of mourning and loss, and the cross-fertilisation between the verbal and the visual. She is co-founder of Italian Poetry Today and the Gender and Authority Network, which was funded by The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities and the Balliol Interdisciplinary Institute.

Roberto Binetti is a DPhil student in Medieval and Modern Languages (Italian), Graduate Development Scholar and Tutor in Italian at St Anne’s College. His doctoral project, titled ‘Voices from a Minor Literature’, focuses on Italian women’s poetry in the 1970s and aims to reassess this literary phenomenon in the light of its stylistic originality and problematic relationship with contemporary history. His research interests include modern and contemporary poetry, literary theory, cultural history, and reception studies.

Olmo Calzolari is a DPhil student of Italian. His thesis explores Leopardi’s and Svevo’s works from the perspective of the medical humanities, taking into consideration interdisciplinary themes such as ineptitude, life prolongation, and the apocalypse. His research interests include modern Italian literature, the history of medicine, and contemporary poetry. He coordinates, together with Professor Emanuela Tandello, the research centre Leopardi Studies at Oxford (founded in 2018), organising events and running the Leopardi reading group.

Previous Events
Michaelmas term 2020

We continued online with a poetry reading by Francesca Santucci; a discussion by Emanuele Zoppellari Perale (University of Turin), ‘An cor che l’è bocia ancora’: Giovinezza e morte nella poesia in dialetto di Giano Perale; a poetry reading by Stefano Dal Bianco; and finally an event organised in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in London: Valerio Magrelli, ‘Tra prosa e poesia’.

Trinity term 2020

Activities moved online in Trinity 2020, due to COVID-19, and we took the opportunity to involve scholars and poets who would not otherwise have been able to contribute to the reading group. The theme for the term was 'On the Edge of Traditions' and our speakers included poets Dr Maria Borio and Prof. Gian Maria Annovi (University of Southern California), as well as Dr Roberta Berardi (Christ Church, Oxford) on the poetry of Rocco Scotellaro, and Olmo Calzolari (Keble College, Oxford) on the poetry of Franco Scataglini.

Hilary term 2020

During Hilary term 2020 events included ‘Seeing Rhymes’ with Professor Nicola Gardini, introduced by Dr Marta Arnaldi, which was a discussion of the relationship between rhyme and vision. Professor Gardini presented his latest collections of poetry (Il tempo è mezza mezza, 2018, and Istruzioni per dipingere, 2018) to help explore this theme, and dealt with issues such as attention, image-making, and painting as writing (and vice versa). Other events included Roberto Binetti on ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Patrizia Cavalli’s Poetry’ and Alberto Corrado on ‘Fossil Classicism: Reinterpreting Giacomo Zanella’s Poetry’.