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Julia Hamilton


I applied to Queen’s College as a doctoral student because of its rich history and association with the discipline of Egyptology. 

College Experience

As well as having a professor and fellow in Egyptology, Queen’s is home to the Peet Memorial Library – a specialist library collection donated by Sir Alan Gardiner and a work space for Egyptology students at the University of Oxford. 

Advice for Applicants

As an international student from New Zealand, I was unfamiliar with the collegiate system or how to choose a college, but I have found Queen’s to be very supportive of my endeavours, both socially and academically. I normally enjoy eating breakfast in the beautiful baroque hall with fellow graduates, before spending a day in the library interspersed with trips to the MCR for much-needed coffee. I’ve been a Women’s Officer for the MCR since Michaelmas Term, and have enjoyed participating in making Queen’s a warm and inclusive place for graduate women.