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A list of the translators who worked on each comic strip of 'L'avventura'.
Coronavirus is killing the couple: how to be immune

Edward Tolmie (group leader): Alice Doyle, Meng Xia, Mikayla Landers, Tim Jones, Valentina Giaimi.

Laura Day (group leader): Isobel Cree, Michaele Philbin, Muskaan Powell, Natasha Dangoor, Sarah Tribout.

Who's afraid of the big bad virus? Children discuss Covid-19

Annabel Vago (group leader): Charlotte Jackson, George Wright, Irram Rehman, Oliver Hearn.

Anna Lancaster (group leader): Ayna Taira, Lúcia Collischonn, Sarah Robinson, Terry Bradford, Yvette Siegert.

Covid-19 in Italy: the view of an intensive care doctor from the eye of the storm

Elizabeth Cowdrey (group leader): Christopher Riendeau, Emma Davies, Jenny Barnett, Lyndsay Stringfellow, Rajeshwari Dasgupta, Ramani Chandramohan.

Maria-Minodora Grosu (group leader): Amy Tomkins, Anna Monardo, Cristina Onesta, Eva Bailey.

If I crack, we all crack: autism and Covid

Klara Zhao (group leader): Ben Connor, Khetam Al Shaoru, Linda Liu, Matylda Rentflejsz, Molly Ross, Simon Garrood.

Marina Popea (group leader): Kash Javaid, Louis Manners, Nadia Hassan, Olivia Leicester, Valentina Marconi.

"They should tell the truth": a medical student faces Covid

Yassine Ait Ali (group leader): Alia Eyres, Olivia Caputo, Rebecca Stephens, Rudee Robinson.

Hannah Hodges (group leader): Alexandra Long, Clare Tufts, Haroon Shirwani, Joanna Dare, Maya Szaniecki.

Covid-19: dying alone, carrying on alone - impossible mourning

Emily Bullock (group leader): Annabel Chessher, Naghma Iram, Perween Richards, Timothy Powell, Tony Haouam.

Ami Ganatra (group leader): Felicia Cucuta, Nicola Edwards, Sarah Cheney, Sarah Schechter.

Coming back to life is no mean feat: the slow recovery of a Covid patient

Morgane Griffiths (group leader): Alexander Elliot, Florence Toone, Freya Davies-Ardill, Hannah Kilpatrick, Talan Ramsay.

Thomas Conradi (group leader): Agnès Peysson-Zeiss, Miqueas Lopez Woodward, Molly Hall, Stephanie Dodd.

Stockholm Syndrome: the joy of staying locked down in Rome

James Hughes (group leader): Elizabeth Rush, Flo Darwen, Maga Flores-Trevino, Maria Loftus.

Amy Griffiths (group leader): Elizabeth Ambrose, Jack Barrett, Katie Child, Maxime Swift.

Care homes and Covid: chronicle of a death foretold

Rachel Isaacs (group leader): Jenny Harris, Laura Wetherington, Lise Tannahill, Louise Edge, Montgomery Powell.

Bethany Barber (group leader): Amanda Cowan, Isabel Vaquero, Kristina Fox, Laura Taylor, Malaika Jalali.

"Blissful Ignorance": the neuro-psychiatric effects of Covid

Colleen Cumbers (group leader): Carina Yervasi, Eilidh Johnstone, Kristina Gedgaudaitė, Marie Courriol, Mhairi Tait.

Margaret Morrison (group leader): Florian Solinas Newark, Genevieve Jeffcoate, Thomas Dignum, Yasmin Jackson.