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Leaving a legacy
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Legacies have always played an important part in the history of Queen’s.  They are an immensely personal gift.  They look both to the past and the future, recognising the impact Queen’s has had on the life of an Old Member and providing an opportunity for that Old Member to help Queen's make a lasting, personal impact on future generations of students.

Over the last ten years 45% of the value of gifts to Queen’s (that’s over £8 million) has come from bequests both large and small.  Thank you to Old Members and their families for all that these gifts have made possible; many of our recent projects would not have been possible without your generosity.

Today we have over 170 members of the Taberdars’ Society which exists in grateful recognition of all those who have included Queen’s in their will.  The annual lunch is a great occasion and welcomes thirty new members this year. 

Legacies to Queen’s are exempt from Inheritance Tax and simple to put into effect.  Current UK legislation rewards a gift of 10% of a deceased’s estate to charity by reducing the rate of Inheritance Tax paid on an estate from 40% to 36%, so such a gift would work  to the benefit of the deceased’s estate and Queen’s.

Find out more about leaving a legacy to Queen’s, including the appropriate wording to use in your will or codicil.

If you would like to discuss making provision for Queen’s in your will, please contact:

Anna Thorne, Director of Development
Tel +44 (0)1865 289119