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MTC Journal
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The Centre for Manuscript and Text Cultures has an academic journal at its core (Manuscript and Text Cultures or MTC), to serve as a beacon for scholars and research students with interests in knowledge production and information transmission in literate societies.

The Journal will appear in annual themed issues devoted to specific questions that are placed in cross-cultural contexts. It will be double-blind peer reviewed and published online, following Open Access policies, with no embargo. We believe that this is the best way to reach our goal of methodologically informed research collaboration, and of establishing a shared academic language across disciplines.

The journal will also be available in hard copy through print on demand.

The Editors-in-chief of MTC are Angus Bowie and Dirk Meyer. Angus Bowie previously served as the editor of Journal of Hellenic Studies; Dirk Meyer is series editor of Library of Sinology.

The Production editor is Yegor Grebnev.

The themes of the first five of the yearly issues of the Journal will be as follows:

2020: ‘Transposition and Monumentality of Writing’
2021: ‘Performing Genre’
2022: ‘Author Functions’
2023: ‘Palimpsest and Rewriting’
2024: ‘Texts in the Making of Queens’