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Marisa Crane, 2015


Fine Art


Fine Art is a diverse course which allows you to develop your own expression as well as learning about others’ concepts; it is about harnessing creativity and using it intrinsically in everyday life. I chose to study at Oxford because the course combines an academic as well as a practical side to art which many other Fine Art courses lack. I don’t believe the two aspects can be separated so knew that the academic part of the course would advance my understanding of my own work and help to advance my aesthetic.  

I live in Cumbria, North West England and attended a state school there. 

College Experience

In Fine Art you have a new tutor each term who you meet typically every couple of weeks. Having a fresh perspective on your work each term means you can receive new ideas from tutors working themselves in many different mediums. Over the year as your work develops, the advice you receive in tutorials evolves alongside it, with tutors being matched to your style of working.  There are also opportunities to have tutorials with visiting artists who give talks every week. Queen’s offers a great place to meet up with your friends studying other subjects after a day at the studio as its just across the road from the High Street building. 

Advice for Applicants

At the interviews for Fine Art you have to sit a practical test, I would recommend preparing ahead as much as you can. Find past questions on the internet and think about what possible pieces you would make and bring any extra materials which you think are necessary. The interviews may seem a daunting amount of time, but it gives you an insight into what Oxford life is like, and is particularly helpful for people who, like me, do not come from the area.