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Molly Nichols, 2014




I’m from a state school in York where few people apply to Oxbridge. I was initially unsure about applying but am so happy that I did. I had a few misconceptions about what Oxford would be like but after going on a summer school in Oxford in year 12, I saw how fun and ‘normal’ it really was. I think this university is incredible as it gives you so many opportunities, both within and outside your subject. It’s wonderful to be able to learn in depth about a subject you enjoy, from world-leading academics in such beautiful surroundings. 

College Experience

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far at Queen’s. The college system is great as it gives you a home within the wider university where you can live and work with friends, studying a range of subjects, in different years.  There are tonnes of great social events - it’s often hard to choose which to attend. As someone who has never been into sports, it’s been so fun to give things a go on both a casual and competitive basis. College also provides lots of support and guidance which really helps if I ever fall behind or need advice. 

Advice for Applicants

Applying to Oxford is no mean feat, but if you enjoy your subject it isn’t too bad. Before applying, I’d advise reading around your subject. This doesn’t have to be through trawling through dry textbooks; you could watch Youtube videos, attend public lectures or read articles, just anything to broaden your knowledge on something you find interesting. Interviews are not as scary as they’re made out to be, they’re really just to see if you would suit the style of learning here at Oxford. Being relaxed, prepared and confident is really all you need to give it your best shot.