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Funding success for Junior Research Fellow’s science expedition

23 November 2017

We are delighted to announce that a recent crowdfunding campaign to fund a project supporting declining seabirds has reached its target.  The crowdfunding platform was hosted by Hubbub, whose co-founder is Old Member Duncan Knox (Physics, 2003).

Junior Research Fellow Annette Fayet's project is a scientific expedition to study – and ultimately, protect – tropical seabirds on the very remote Aldabra Atoll in the outer Seychelles, the last pristine island in the western Indian Ocean. A white-tailed tropicbird is pictured below.

Dr Fayet said ‘I am thrilled that the crowdfunding campaign was successful and very grateful to the 88 generous supporters who donated to the project and made this expedition become a reality. I have just booked my flights and will be flying off to Aldabra on 16 December. I am now in the process of ordering the many different bits of equipment I will be taking with me to track the tropicbirds' foraging trips! I am also working on creating a blog for the expedition, so that supporters (and others) can follow the progress of the fieldwork.’

Many thanks to all those who supported this important research.  We look forward to sharing the next project.