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Introducing our next MCR President, Sean Telford

16 April 2020

At the end of last term, the MCR (Middle Common Room, our graduate student body) elected Sean Telford to be their next President. Sean will start his tenure in August, and is currently Vice-President. To introduce him to the wider Queen’s community, we asked Sean to answer a few questions about himself.

Can you tell us a little about your background, and what you’re researching now?

I grew up in Chester and went to Cambridge for undergrad, where I studied Natural Sciences, specialising in Materials Science.  I then studied at Harvard where I received a Master’s in Engineering Sciences and now I’m in my first year of a DPhil in Materials (matriculated in October 2019).  I’m currently doing research on the oxidation of liquid aluminium alloys.

What sparked your interest in being on the MCR committee?

I wanted to get involved in the MCR to help improve the graduate experience at Queen’s, especially for those living in College accommodation. 

What do you like most about Queen’s?

The best thing about Queen’s for me is the graduate community: a friendly, stimulating group of people who are a joy to know and be around.  The College itself is clearly beautiful and well-equipped, but without these people, the experience wouldn’t be the same.

What have you been involved with so far during your time in Oxford, outside of your research?

In my first two terms at Queen's (aside from the MCR committee), I sang in the College choir, played in the unaffiliated college Ultimate Frisbee team (which includes Queen's) and was MCR Rep for the Eglesfield Music Society committee.

What sort of areas are you most interested in focussing on during your time as President?

As President, I want to work on improving the common room area, help the wider MCR community (partners, children, etc.) feel more included, and hold more regular, casual events to bring the MCR together. I look forward to being MCR President next year and being back in Oxford after this crisis is over.