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Queen’s co-hosts talk by Chancellor of Oxford University

24 November 2017

Lord Patten was the last British Governor of Hong Kong; he has also been the Chairman of the Conservative Party and an EU Commissioner, among other roles. Lord Patten was interviewed by Queen’s student Chair Alex Prior-Wandesforde and then took questions from the audience in the packed Shulman Auditorium. It was a lively, entertaining and engaging affair: Lord Patten drew on his vast experience of public service to share his views on Brexit, David Cameron, whom he would take a (“very small!”) bet on to become the next Prime Minister (Amber Rudd, as it turns out) and more. 

Following a book-signing, Lord Patten dined at the High Table and visited the New Library. We hope to welcome him back for a similar event next year.

Alex Prior-Wandesforde, Head of Marketing for the Oxford PPE Society


Lord Patten at Queen's College