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Queen’s welcomes new Fellow, Prof. Simon Leedham

20 October 2020

The College is pleased to welcome a new Professorial Fellow, Simon Leedham, who was appointed to the Professorship of Molecular and Population Genetics at the start of this month.

Simon studied at St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical School and the London Research Institute. He moved to Oxford in 2010 to take up a Clinician Scientist fellowship at the Wellcome Centre Human Genetics with Professor Ian Tomlinson. Since then, he has undertaken advanced and senior clinician scientist fellowships.

Simon’s research interests lie in the regulation of the intestinal stem cell. Stem cells are essential for the development, turnover and repair of the gut and are the targets of carcinogenic mutations in neoplasia. He is interested in the morphogenic signalling pathways that control the intestinal stem cell and how these pathways can be manipulated by drugs in diseases like inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer.

He is also the Director of the Oxford Centre for Personalised Medicine, which runs 15-20 engagement events throughout the year.