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Senior Research Fellow appointed to the Queen’s Counsel

10 January 2018

The College is proud to congratulate Senior Research Fellow Professor Dan Sarooshi who has been awarded the high honour of being appointed Queen’s Counsel this year.

This recognises his depth of legal expertise and his excellence in advocacy in international and domestic courts and tribunals. Professor Sarooshi practises as a Barrister from Essex Court Chambers, London and is Professor of Public International Law at Oxford University.

His cases include the Brexit case in the Supreme Court for lead claimant Gina Millar; representing the UK in Naftogaz v. United Kingdom in the European Court of Human Rights; and the Taurus v. SOMO case in the Supreme Court on commercial law and State/Central Bank immunity.

His four books have been awarded the American Society of International Law Book Prize (twice); the Myres S. McDougal Prize awarded by the American Society for the Policy Sciences; and the Guggenheim Prize by the Guggenheim Foundation in Switzerland. He has authored over 50 academic pieces, including the long co-authored chapter with Judge Dame Rosalyn Higgins FBA, QC, former President of the International Court of Justice and Dr P. Webb, 'Institutional Modes of Conflict Management' in National Security Law (2015, 3rd edn) (125 pp.). He is currently completing authoring and editing the 10th edition of Oppenheim’s International Law (OUP: forthcoming) with Sir Christopher Greenwood of the International Court of Justice.

Dan Sarooshi