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The medieval manuscripts of the College have not been catalogued as a group in the last 150 years (Henricus O. Coxe, ‘Catalogus codicum MSS. Collegii Reginensis’, in Catalogus codicum MSS. Qui in collegiis aulisque oxoniensibus hodie adservantur (2 vols., Oxford, 1852), vol. I; reprinted as H. O. Coxe, Catalogue of the manuscripts in the Oxford colleges, with an introduction by K. W. Humfreys (East Ardesley, 1972)); some have been treated to detailed scrutiny, but the resulting publications are widely scattered. This catalogue aims to present new descriptions, compiled to modern standards, and bring together the fruits of previous scholarship.


This catalogue includes:

  • 58 manuscript codices in Latin, English, French, Greek, Scots, and Arabic, written before c.1600
  • 2 medieval Latin codices which belong to the College Archives
  • a small number of loose medieval leaves, and some flyleaves/pastedowns still in situ in post-c.1600 volumes

This catalogue excludes:

  • some pre-c.1600 manuscript codices which are primarily ‘archival’ or ‘documentary’ in nature
  • all medieval single-sheet charters, etc., belonging to the College Archives
  • two guardbooks containing about 150 miscellaneous fragments and leaves; descriptions of these will be added to the catalogue in due course
  • post-medieval manuscripts: these will be the subject of a future cataloguing project

The catalogue was ‘pre-published’ on the College website as a series of PDF (Portable Document Format) files. A print version was published in 2016 by the Oxford Bibliographical Society.


Please contact the Library if you wish to re-use any text or images in any form. We ask this in order to keep track of the work being done on the College’s manuscripts for the benefit of other users, not to obstruct bona fide non-commercial users. 

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