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Health and welfare
Welfare is of great importance to the College. Life as a student can be great fun, but it can also be tough at times, especially if living away from home for the first time. If problems do arise, a range of people in the College, the University, the National Health Service and the wider community are available to provide help or advice.

Each student has a Moral Tutor who is responsible for their academic and pastoral care. A Moral Tutor is usually the senior member of the College who knows a student best and is the first source of help for many problems. However, if a student prefers to get help elsewhere, there are many other people who are available.

The Dean, Chris O’Callaghan, leads on welfare in the College. He is assisted by a team of Junior Deans who undertake most of the day-to-day assignments. The Decanal Team can be contacted on Decanal Assistants provide additional support in the College's annexes.

The College Chaplain is also always happy to discuss any difficulties that members of College are having regardless of their religious views, if any at all.

College support networks

JCR reps

Each year, the JCR elects two welfare representatives who act as a point of call for the whole JCR on welfare-related issues, liaise with College on factors affecting student welfare, and organise events to promote happiness and wellbeing across the JCR. They are also available to speak to, in confidence, about anything which might be affecting student happiness or health, and to provide support. They sit on the College’s Student Finance Committee, and act as the JCR representatives to support academic applications or applications for financial assistance. Every 5th week of Term, they provide a variety of activities for the whole JCR, ranging from petting zoos in College to Jazz nights in the bar! Finally, they provide free contraception to the JCR as a whole, and reimbursement for emergency contraception.

College Parents

Every fresher coming up to Queen’s is assigned two College parents to help them adjust to life in Oxford. College parents are second-years, one of whom studies your subject, who act as a port of call in Freshers week and for your whole first year. Whether it’s helping you move in to your room on the first day, giving you notes for your first problem sheet, or introducing you to Oxford’s social life, College parents play a big part in everyone’s first year at Queen’s.

Study buddies

Study buddies are second-years in each subject who support first years with their academic work throughout their first year – most freshers meet their study buddy in Freshers week, where they give help and support on their first essay, and meet regularly with them until their first set of exams (Prelims or Mods). Some study buddies give notes or revision classes before exams, and hopefully make settling in to the academic intensity of Oxford a lot easier!

Welfare Brunch

On Sunday of 5th week of every term, the Welfare reps organise a welfare brunch for the entire JCR with plenty of food for everyone!

In general, it is usually better to seek advice at an early rather than a late stage if there are difficulties. It is also sensible to try to behave in a way that reduces the chance of problems arising and this applies particularly to alcohol or substance misuse, nutrition and excessive late nights.

Also the University Counselling Service provides a wide range of services which are freely available to all students.


College Nurse

The College Nurse ( is available in room 6A, FQ SC1 and can give you free treatment and confidential advice for:

  • Everyday illnesses, infections, sprains and simple ailments
  • First aid and minor injuries
  • Homesickness, loneliness and relationship worries
  • Low mood, exam stress, insomnia and anxiety
  • Sexual health problems and contraception
  • Living and studying with long-term health conditions
  • And anything else you want or need to discuss.

More information here.

Surgery hours are as follows:

Monday   11:30 - 13:30
Tuesday  09:45 - 11:45
Wednesday  11:30 - 13:30
Thursday   No surgery
Friday   09:45 - 11:45

If you need medical attention outside these hours please use one of the following:

  • Ring the College Doctors at 19 Beaumont St for a GP appointment - 01865 240501
  • Ring 111 for  medical advice
  • Go to A & E at the JR Hospital in an emergency (the Lodge can help call for a taxi)
  • Dial 999 in a dire emergency

Always inform the Lodge (01865 279120) if you need emergency assistance as they can assist you and inform (with your consent) the Decanal Team who lead on welfare, relevant tutors and staff members who will advise your family and friends of your whereabouts. 

College Doctors

The College Doctors offer comprehensive primary medical care within the National Health Service. The doctors are independent of the College and cater for the full range of physical and mental health problems:

Dr Kenyon and Partners

19 Beaumont Street

Oxford OX1 2NA

Telephone – 01865 240501

The College Doctor Practice is open Monday – Friday from 08:00  to 18:00 

More information about the Practice is available at

In an emergency you should call the appropriate emergency service and inform the Porters Lodge (01865 279120) so that they can direct them when they arrive.