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The Chapel
There has been a chapel at the Queen’s College since 1382: the present chapel was consecrated in 1719. It is there for everyone – of any faith or none.

The Chapel

The College was founded by Robert d’Eglesfield in 1340 to be ‘a place of education and religion’ and the latter aspect of the College’s duties are now primarily fulfilled through the life of the College Chapel, albeit with fewer chaplains and theologians than in the fourteenth century. There has been a chapel at Queen’s since 1382 and our current building was consecrated on All Saints’ Day in 1719 as part of the College’s extensive redevelopment at the turn of the eighteenth century.

Throughout its long history, the Chapel has been a space at the heart of College for marking beginnings and endings, for baptisms, confirmations, funerals and weddings of College members, and a place of petition and thanksgiving through crisis and festivity. Alongside our regular pattern of services during Full Term, it remains a quiet place at the heart of a busy institution for retreat and reflection, available to all.

All are welcome at our services (please see below), many of which are sung by our excellent Choir. If you are a College member interested in being baptized, confirmed, or being married at Queen’s, please contact the Chaplain.

The Chaplain: The Reverend Mrs Katherine Price

Primarily, the Chaplain is here to be a supportive presence to all staff and students during their time at Queen’s. This involves encouraging students in their intellectual, sporting or artistic endeavours, accompanying individuals through the highs and lows of their Oxford life in pastoral conversation, and nurturing the Chapel community.

The Chaplain is here for everyone, regardless of their worldviews (religious or otherwise), and she can usually be found in Front Quad 5/2, telephoned on (2)79143, or e-mailed. She is not always able to solve your problems but can listen to you in what is a safe and confidential space, help you find ways through your difficulties, and sometimes – with your permission – coordinate on your behalf with other sources of support (for example, counsellors, the College GP or Nurse, or the Tutor for Undergraduates). Not unusually, people just drop in to eat toast and have a cup of tea. You are always welcome.

Times of Services

During Full Term, the Chapel follows this pattern of services:


9.30am                Holy Communion: a quiet service with a short sermon, followed by refreshments in the Magrath Room.

6.15pm                Evensong: sung service led by the Choir, with a sermon by the Chaplain or a visiting preacher, followed by drinks in the Magrath Room.


On Sunday of Third Week (7 May) there will be a Chapel Trip. The evening service will be at 5.45pm in St Mary’s Ambrosden (near Bicester) not in the Chapel as usual.

On Sunday of Seventh Week (4 June) there will be a service of College Communion for Pentecost at 6pm, and no morning service.


8.45am                Morning Prayer

6.05pm                Evening Prayer (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)

6.30pm                Choral Evensong (Wednesday and Friday)


On Tuesday of Fifth Week (25 May) there will be an Ascension Day Service in Back Quad at 8 am which replaces Morning Prayer.

Old Members and members of the public are very welcome to join us at these services.