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Recognising your support
We are very grateful for all donations to Queen’s. Every gift makes a difference to the lives of our students and our plans for the future. All those who have given in the last financial year are listed in the College Record.

Eglesfield Benefactors have made exceptional contributions to the welfare of the College:

Mr D E Allanson
Mr R S Atkinson CBE
Mr P A B Beecroft
Mr S R G Booth
Mr M A Boyd
Mr E E Chapman
Dr R S Feinberg
Dr A W Frankland MBE FRCP
Mr K E P J Harding
Mr R N Haythornthwaite
Mrs C Hibbard
Mr P G Hibbard
Mr J T McAlpine
Mr P M Newton
Mr V Shulman
Mr A J B Simon
Dr M L Stephens
Mr R E Stewart
Dr C B Storm


Philippa Benefactors have made great contributions to the welfare of the College: 


Mr J P Archie Mr C P Marshall
Mr F Arnold Mrs S E Marshall
Chief P C Asiodu Mr W A J Marsterson
District Judge C M Beale Dr B B McLucas
Prof P C Bell Mr P D Middleton
Mr J C Betteridge Mr A Mitchell
Mr A J Bishop Dr K G Morallee
Dr A R Bowden Prof R H Pain
M R Bowley QC Mr J Palmer CB
Mr F H Brittenden Mr J Parsloe
Dr J G Brolin Mr A J Parsons
Mr Mr D A Brown Dr M G Pearton
Mr S A Crown Mr C E W Peel
Mr M L G Dillon Mr D J Pitt-Watson
Mr C G Dilworth Mr J W Poulter
Mr D A Dodds Mr G R Prentice
Mr N J Donald Mr C G T Prince
Mr T M Evans CBE Mr J M Raisman CBE
Mr J E Ford Mr G M Riddell
Mr J R Geldard Mr M J Roberts
Prof Y P Ghai Dr H E Rosenberg
Mr J P Giraudo Mr B M Saunders
Mr R J Glaister Dr B M Savory
Mr M S A Grubb Prof S A Scott
Mr G P Hackett Mr D Seymour CB
Mr P M Hetherington Mr J D G Smith
Mr R A Higginson Mr J E H Startin
Mr C W J Hill Mr G M Stewart
The Rt Hon the Lord Hoffmann Mr A B Taylor
Mrs A Hull Mr C P Tootal
Mr J P Hull Mr T R Ward
Mr T Islam Mr J C Y Watt
Prof I M James Mrs D M Webster
Mr A Joanes Mr J P Webster
Mr R J Kelly Mr D T Wilkinson
Mr C H A Landa Mr M R Wilkinson
Mr A Leigh Mr K-H J Wong
Mr T A Ling Mr T Wong
Mr F D Logan Mr R M Woodhouse CVO
Dr F J Long CVO The Revd Canon H M Wybrew
His Hon M Mander  

Thank you very much for your support.

For further information about any aspect of supporting Queen’s please contact :

Anna Thorne, Director of Development
Email | Tel +44 (0)1865 289119