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The ‘1341’ Society, named after the year of foundation of The Queen’s College, raises funds for academic, cultural, sporting and extra-curricular endeavours of students at Queen’s.

The Society raises funds for academic, cultural, sporting and extra-curricular endeavours of students at Queen’s. It supports the College Book Grant System, the Student Hardship Fund, and the 650th Anniversary Trust Fund. Termly fund-raising events such as lunches, exhibitions in the Upper Library, and garden parties are held with great success. Thanks to continual support, a substantial sum of money is contributed yearly to support students getting through an increasingly expensive education here at Oxford.


The first event for parents of current students is a welcome tea hosted by the Provost on the day your son or daughter starts at the College.  A variety of termly fund-raising events are then organised by ‘1341’ throughout the rest of your son/daughter's time at Queen's to support the various College Funds. Past events include exhibitions in Queen’s’ renowned Upper Library, as well as lunches with performances from the Eglesfield Music Society. Our most recent event, the Trinity term garden party featuring an afternoon tea buffet and croquet, was also a huge success. More than 100 parents and students attended, raising a grand total of £2,575. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their tremendous support, and we hope that you have all had an enjoyable afternoon mingling with fellow Queen’s parents and students over some Pimms in the lovely sunshine.

To take a look at photos taken at the event, please visit our facebook page. More events are currently being planned for the coming terms. To stay tuned, please “like” our facebook page and receive the latest updates, and sign up for the College’s biannual Newsletter by emailing the Old Members' Office. We look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events!


Funds supported by ‘1341’

The College Book Grant, The Student Hardship Fund, and the 650th Anniversary Trust Fund are all supported by the ‘1341’ Society to aid students in their academic, cultural, sporting, and extra-curricular endeavours. Below are details of each of the funds we support.

1.  650th Anniversary Trust Fund

The Queen’s Association (the Association of former members of Queen’s) established a Trust Fund to commemorate the 650th anniversary of the foundation of Queen’s, for the benefit of all junior members of the College. The aims of the Trust are to provide financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate members of the College, and to prospective graduates who intend to pursue but have not yet begun post-graduate work.

The Fund is intended to assist its beneficiaries to pursue education, sporting, and cultural activities arising in the broadest sense from their life at Queen’s, particularly in cases where other funding is not available. The terms of the Fund are drawn widely. To take some examples, an award might be made to support participation in a cultural activity (such as music or drama festival or tour) which is of a general education value but not directly connected with the academic studies of an undergraduate or graduate student; to an applicant who had already received a grant from the College on a previous occasion; in a case where the need for a grant for some sporting or other activity arose at a time year or in circumstances in which the Governing Body would not formally consider applications; for a supplementary grant above the level normally considered by the College; or to an applicant about to embark on a research program who wishes, for example, to attend a conference or field trip relevant to his or her planned research, but had not yet embarked on the course and so did not qualify for assistance from the College.

2. College Book Grants

Book grants are available to all students of Queen’s. These grants are generally 50% of the total cost of books purchased up to a maximum of £75 in any one academic year.

3. Hardship Fund

The Hardship Fund is aimed at supporting those in need of financial assistance in general for academic-related purposes.

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