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Amy Orben


I started studying psychology during my undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences at Magdalene College, Cambridge. After graduating from Cambridge in 2015 with a double first degree and multiple college prizes, I came to Oxford to begin my doctoral studies at St Hilda’s College and the Department of Experimental Psychology. I was appointed College Lecturer in Psychology at Queen’s College in January 2017. 



I teach a large part of the prelim (first year) Experimental Psychology and Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics course at Queens, including social psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology and perception. I also offer revision and essay writing tutorials, and occasionally give psychology tutorials for Medicine and Biomedical Sciences students. Furthermore, I supervise third year Psychology dissertations and give second year Social Psychology tutorials.


My research investigates and characterises the effects of social media on human friendship formation. I am especially interested in the habitual consummation of others’ information on the Facebook Newsfeed (or other social media feeds), and how that puts into question traditional psychological theories of friendship maintenance and formation. My doctoral work is supervised by Robin Dunbar (Professor of Evolutionary Psychology, Magdalen College) and Miles Hewstone (Professor of Social Psychology, New College).


Orben, A. C. and Dunbar R. I. M. Social Media and Relationship Development: The Effect of Valence and Intimacy of Posts. Computers in Human Behavior 73C (2017) pp. 489-498