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Dr Alexander Bown

College Career Development Fellow in Ancient Philosophy


For my undergraduate degree, I studied Classics at New College, Oxford. I then spent six years as Assistant in Ancient Philosophy in Geneva, teaching at the university and working on my doctoral thesis. For one of these years, I had a research fellowship in Berlin, awarded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. I returned to Oxford in 2017 to take up my current position at Queen's.


I teach undergraduate courses in philosophy. I cover most of the papers in ancient philosophy, as well as some others (such as ‘Introduction to Logic’ and ‘General Philosophy’ for Prelims / Mods, and ‘Knowledge and Reality’ and ‘Logic and Language’ for Finals).


My current research focuses on issues related to logic, philosophy of language, epistemology and ontology in Hellenistic philosophy. Recently, I have been working on Epicurean philosophy in particular: I have studied Epicurus' views on truth and falsehood, and have been investigating the Epicurean views on signs, the validity-conditions of inferences, and the truth-conditions of conditionals that are attested by the De Signis of Philodemus of Gadara. In the near future, I plan to continue working on these and related issues in both Epicurean and Stoic philosophy. I am also interested in Aristotle's earlier logical works.


'Epicurus on Truth and Falsehood', Phronesis 61 (2016), pp. 463–503.
'Epicurus on Bivalence and the Excluded Middle', Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 98 (2016), pp. 239–71.