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Dr Anna Seigal

Extraordinary Junior Research Fellow in Mathematics


I am a Junior Research Fellow at Queen's and a Hooke research fellow at the Mathematical Institute in Oxford. I did my undergraduate studies and MMath at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. While I was there I founded the Emmy Noether Society, a student society dedicated to the promotion of women and non-binary students in the mathematical sciences. I did my PhD at the University of California, Berkeley, and started at Queen's in 2019.


My research is in applied algebra - the use of algebraic methods to tackle applied problems. On the theoretical side, one area of interest to me is multilinear algebra: extending linear algebra from the two-dimensional setting of matrices to the higher-dimensional world of tensors. On the applied side, I use tensors and algebraic tools to understand statistical models, and to develop algorithms to analyse biological data. 


Please see for research updates and a full list of publications.