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Dr Annette Fayet

Browne Junior Research Fellow in Biological Sciences


I grew up in France where I studied Physics, Chemistry and Engineering up to Master’s level at the ESPCI Paris before deciding to focus on biology. After a short stay in the Department of Zoology at the University of Cambridge as a visiting student I came to Oxford to do an MSc in Integrative Bioscience, followed by a DPhil in the Oxford Navigation Group under Prof Tim Guilford’s supervision, as a BBSRC - Microsoft Research scholar. I am now taking up a Junior Research Fellowship at Queen’s while remaining a member of the Oxford Navigation Group.


I am a Stipendiary Lecturer in Biology at Merton College where I teach Quantitative Methods to undergraduates in Biological Sciences. I also give tutorials on this subject, as well as on a range of topics in Animal Behaviour, Animal Cognition and Behavioural Ecology, within the Department of Zoology.


My research mainly focuses on the spatial ecology and behaviour of pelagic seabirds. I am interested in trying to understand the behavioural and environmental drivers of seabirds’ movements – for example migration and foraging trips - as well as their adaptive significance and life-history consequences. To accomplish that, I combine field research using state-of-the-art miniature tracking loggers which are deployed on the birds to record their movements with advanced analytical techniques (e.g. machine learning) to identify the birds’ behaviour remotely. I mainly work on UK breeding seabirds (Manx shearwaters and Atlantic puffins) but I am currently developing projects on other species breeding in the Indian and Pacific Ocean.

The findings of my research also have conservation implications, and I collaborate with other researchers and NGOs to help inform conservation decisions such as the design of Marine Protected Areas.


Please see for research updates and a full list of publications. 

Selected publications:

Fayet AL, Hansen ES & Biro D (2020) Evidence of tool use in a seabird. PNAS 117 (3): 1277-1279.

Fayet AL, Freeman R, Anker-Nilssen T, Diamond AW, Erikstad KE, Fifield DA, Fitzsimmons MG, Hansen ES, Harris MP, Jessopp MJ, et al. (2017) Ocean-wide drivers of migration strategies and their influence on population breeding performance in a declining seabird. Current Biology. 27(4):3871–3878

Votier SC, Fayet AL, Bearhop S, Bodey TW, Clark BL, Grecian J, Guilford T, Hamer KC, Jeglinski JWE, Morgan G, Wakefield E & SC Patrick (2017) Effects of age and reproductive status on individual foraging site fidelity in a long-lived marine predator. Proceeding of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences 284:20171068.

Fayet AL, Freeman R, Shoji A, Kirk H, Padget O, Perrins CM & T Guilford (2016) Carry-over effects on the annual cycle of a migratory seabird: an experimental study. Journal of Animal Ecology 85: 1516-1527

Fayet AL, Freeman R, Shoji A, Padget, Perrins CM & T Guilford (2015) Lower foraging efficiency in immatures drives spatial segregation with breeding adults in a long-lived pelagic seabird. Animal Behaviour 110:79-89