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Dr Bernhard Kasberger

Junior Research Fellow in Economics


I am from Upper Austria and obtained my undergraduate degree in Economics from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. As an undergraduate student, I took some mathematics courses at the University of Vienna and spent an Erasmus semester at Utrecht University. For my Master’s degree, I went to the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna.

I wrote my PhD thesis at the University of Vienna. As a doctoral student, I visited Nuffield College, Oxford. I am currently a Junior Research Fellow in Economics at Queen’s.


At the University of Vienna, I was a teaching assistant for microeconomics at the undergraduate and graduate level as well as game theory at the graduate level. At the Institute for Advanced Studies, I was a teaching assistant for mathematics and microeconomics.


My research falls into two strands. The first strand studies multi-unit auctions from an industrial organization perspective. The objective is to improve the understanding of existing auction formats, explain observed behavior, and to design better auctions. My second line of research develops tools to make normative recommendations under strategic uncertainty.


“Budget Constraints in Combinatorial Clock Auctions” (with Maarten Janssen, and Vladimir Karamychev), Handbook of Spectrum Auction Design, Martin Bichler, and Jacob Goeree (eds), Cambridge University Press, 2017.