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Dr David Gómez Castro

Stipendiary Lecturer in Mathematics


I went to school in my small home town of Lugo, Spain. I moved to Madrid to study at Universidad Complutense, where I received my Bachelor’s (2013), Master’s (2014), and Doctoral (2017) degrees. After a short appointment at Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, I earned an Assistant Professor position at Universidad Complutense in 2018. I have taken a two-year leave to come to Oxford, where I am supported by Prof. José Carrillo’s ERC grant.


I teach courses in Mathematical Analysis, Differential Equations, Calculus of Variations and Numerical Analysis.


My field of research is in Applied Mathematics, in particular in Partial Differential Equations of reaction-diffusion type. I focus mostly on the theoretical aspects (existence, uniqueness and properties of the solutions), although I usually support these results with numerical experiments.