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Dr Emilio Bellini

Beecroft Research Fellow


After completing my undergraduate degree at the University of Trento (Italy) in 2009 and my PhD in Physics at the University of Padova (Italy) in 2013, I spent a short period visiting the University of Heidelberg. Until 2016 I held a research position at the University of Barcelona. Since October 2016 I am a Beecroft Research Fellow at the University of Oxford, Department of Physics, and since 2017 I am a Junior Research Fellow at Queen's College.


My research is devoted to the study of the nature of gravity at cosmological scales. Einstein's theory of gravity, the well known General Relativity, is still considered the standard theory of gravity since it gives very accurate predictions at almost all scales at which it has been tested. However, at cosmological scales, the largest scales we can investigate, there seems to be room for additional exotic ingredients (the so-called Dark Energy) or modifications of the laws of gravity. Therefore the assumptions used to construct General Relativity may be broadened. The aim is to understand why the universe is accelerating and there seems to be a tension between cosmological observables inferred by local measurements and the same observables inferred by measurements of the Last Scattering Surface. My research focuses on the development of the building blocks of modified gravity theories and on testing them against observations.


For an up-to-date, and continuously updated, list of my publications, please see: