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Poorna Mysoor


Dr Poorna Mysoor

Lecturer in Law


I completed my DPhil at the Faculty of Law at Oxford in July 2017. Before commencing my doctorate, I was in legal practice in Hong Kong and India for over ten years specialising in intellectual property law and property law. 


I teach Land Law for undergraduates reading a BA in Jurisprudence.


My research lies at the interface between intellectual property law and private law. In my doctoral research I used the principles of land law, property theory and contract law to address some of the pressing challenges faced by copyright law. My focus beyond my doctoral thesis is to consider a wider array of private law principles for their application to other forms of intellectual property, such as trademarks and patents.



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Mysoor P, ‘A Pirate Too Needs to be Heard: Procedural Compromises in Online Copyright Infringement Cases in the UK’ [2014] 3 Laws 553-579.

Mysoor P, ‘Of Bollywood Songs, Film Producers and Collecting Societies: Locating the Rights of the Composers’ [2014] 10 Indian Journal of Law and Technology 60-91.

Mysoor P, ‘Unpacking the Right of Communication to the Public: A Closer Look at International and EU Copyright Law’ [2013] Intellectual Property Quarterly 166-185.

Conference Papers

Mysoor P, ‘Reforming the EU copyright law on the right of communication to the public’ (World Intellectual Property Organisation Advanced Property Law Seminar, Geneva, May, 2017)

Mysoor P, ‘Implied Licence instead of “New Public”?’ (Conference on European Policy on Intellectual Property, Oxford, September, 2016)

Mysoor P, ‘Data as Property?’ (Who Owns the Arts and Sciences, New IP Lawyers’ Conference, University of Exeter, June, 2015); blogpost based on my presentation accessible here (awarded the best blogpost in the conference).

Mysoor P, ‘A Battle to Keep the Pirates at Bay: the Context, the Challenges and the Aftermath of the Pirate Bay’ (Law, Technology and Public Interest, University of Hong Kong, April 2014).

Mysoor P, ‘Seamless Sharing in a Seemingly Divided World: A Glimpse of the Challenges Faced by Creative Commons’ (Opensym, Hong Kong, August, 2013); paper accessible here.

Mysoor P, ‘Implied Licenses in Copyright Law: Some Issues of Copyright Infringement on the Internet’ (Fourth Annual Cross Strait Copyright Conference, Hong Kong, December, 2012).