I joined the college in 2019. I am a specialist registrar in Clinical Medicine and Immunology at the John Radcliffe Hospital and am pursuing a DPhil in Clinical Medicine in the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine. I am from Sri Lanka and am a Lecturer in Clinical Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo. I have a special interest in medical education and have expertise in teaching basic sciences and clinical medicine at the bedside.

I also have a special interest in Medical Humanities and exploring the potential use of music in developing empathy and communication skills among medical students and junior doctors.


The transition to learning in the clinical environment can be a daunting task for any medical student. I help students learn the basic principles of clinical medicine, understanding symptoms and signs in medicine and help them learn the clinical processes of diagnosis and management and techniques of developing effective and compassionate clinical care. I also support them to acquire the skills of becoming a successful foundation doctor and provide guidance to choose career pathways to shape their future.