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Dr Santiago Bertrán

Stipendiary Lecturer in Spanish


After taking my undergraduate degree in Filología hispánica at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, I moved to the United Kingdom in 2012, following an appointment as a tutor in Spanish at the University of Edinburgh. There, I began an MSc by Research and then a PhD in Hispanic Studies, with a thesis on vision in the novels of contemporary Spanish writer Javier Marías, approached through the lens of philosophers José Ortega y Gasset and Julián Marías, the novelist’s father. Since January 2019 I have been working as a Lecturer at the University of Oxford, first at Exeter College and Keble College, and now at The Queen’s College and Keble College.


I have been teaching Spanish language, literature, and culture at all undergraduate levels in the United Kingdom for over eight years. At Queen’s I teach twentieth- and twenty-first century Spanish literature as well translation from modern Spanish into English for both Preliminary and Final Honour School students.


I am interested in the intersections between literature and philosophy, with a focus on the distinct strands of writing that emerged in Spain from the Generation of 98 and the early twentieth century, and their effect on subsequent developments in the Dictatorship and Transition periods. My evaluation moves from the narrative and stylistic features of these periods, with their ethical and political implications, to wider theoretical questions concerning the meaning and ‘uses’ of literature, such as, why literature matters, what it does to us as readers, and how different genres and textual forms shape human identity and experience.


'Perspectivismo y realidad radical en la literatura de Javier Marías, y el caso de la novela Corazón tan blanco', Hispanic Research Journal, 22.2 (Spring 2021) (forthcoming)

‘Dossier Fernando Savater.’ Edited special issue of Quimera. Revista de literatura, 441, September 2020. 

‘La visión responsable de Javier Marías: una narrativa entre el pensamiento literario de Julián Marías y la literatura como reconocimiento de Marcel Proust’, Artes del ensayo. Revista internacional sobre el ensayo hispánico, 3 (Feb 2020): 215-44. 

‘El pensamiento literario mariesco y la restitución filosófica de lo real’, Quimera. Revista de literatura, 424 (April 2019): 27-31.