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Dr Steven Kaye


As an undergraduate I read Classics and Modern Languages at University College, Oxford, before moving to Magdalen College for an MPhil and DPhil in Linguistics. For the last two years I have taught on the undergraduate English course at Oxford and the English Linguistics MA course at UCL; I also provide undergraduate teaching for Oxford’s Faculty of Linguistics.


At Queen’s I teach the Language portion of English Prelims paper 1, ‘Introduction to English Language and Literature’.


My research interests are in the fields of language documentation and description, historical linguistics and morphological theory; my previous work has investigated the development and organization of verb systems in various ancient and modern Indo-European languages. As part of IMMOCAL, an international project investigating lesser-known languages of the Caucasus, I am currently engaged in translating and analysing a collection of folk tales in the Northern Talyshi language of Azerbaijan.


“Morphomic stems in the Northern Talyshi verb: diachrony and synchrony,” in S. Cruschina, M. Maiden & J. C. Smith (eds.) (2013), The Boundaries of Pure Morphology. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 181-208.