I am a post-doctoral Career Development Fellow at The Queen’s College and the Department of Economics, University of Oxford. Prior to coming to Oxford in 2019 I received my PhD from the European University Institute, Florence, Italy. Before that I completed my undergraduate studies at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, and obtained my graduate degree with scholarship from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. During my studies I have also been a visiting scholar at Washington University in St. Louis, University of Madison, Wisconsin and the Bank of England.


I am the lead Economics tutor at Queen’s and as such organise the Economics side of the Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) degree as well as teach Macroeconomics to Queen’s PPE students. I also teach Macroeconomics classes for MPhil students at the Department of Economics.


My research explores two distinct topics in economics. One of them is the study of the importance of expectations, bounded rationality and incomplete knowledge in understanding macroeconomic phenomena. The second focuses on cross-country differences in productivity and firm dynamics, and in particular the role that technology-skill complementarities play in their evolution. Although seemingly unrelated, I view my work on expectations and deviations from rationality as my business cycle side, while my research on cross-country differences has a structural long-term focus.


Please see my website for research updates and a full list of publications.