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Mr Adam Prosinski

Lecturer in Mathematics


I attended an experimental mathematics programme at the Stanislaw Staszic high school in Warsaw after which I enrolled at the University of Warsaw to study mathematics. I spent three years there and graduated with a BSc – my bachelor’s thesis was in probability. Afterwards I spent two years at École Polytechnique in Paris to work on my MSc as a Hadamard scholar – my thesis was on mean field games. In 2015 I joined the PDE CDT group to work on my DPhil as a Clarendon and St John’s scholar.


I teach first year probability at Queen’s as well as several other first year revision classes.


I am currently working on my DPhil under the supervision of Prof Jan Kristensen. My research interests revolve around the tools of calculus of variations – I am mainly interested in lower semi-continuity criteria for integral functionals and related notions of quasiconvexity.