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Mr Miles Caddick - Lecturer in Mathematics


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Mr Miles Caddick

Lecturer in Mathematics


I grew up in the north-west of England, and remained there until I began my undergraduate degree (MMath) at the University of Warwick. During my undergraduate I enjoyed many modules in analysis and partial differential equations, and so decided to pursue further studying in the area of PDEs. Following this, I moved to Oxford and began studying for my DPhil in 2014 as part of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Partial Differential Equations: Analysis and Applications. I am now in my final year of my DPhil, where I am supervised by Professor Endre Süli (Oxford) and Professor Mike Cullen (Met Office).


Currently I am a Tutor in Mathematics at The Queen's College, tutoring first-year undergraduates in Fourier Series and second-year undergraduates in various modules related to Differential Equations.


My research falls into the area of Partial Differential Equations. In particular, I am interested in systems of PDEs with applications to weather forecasting. The particular systems that I have been considering lack certain "nice" characteristics seen in the majority of the relevant literature, which makes them very interesting to study! Recently I have been developing a numerical algorithm to construct a particular type of solution to these systems.