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Mr Simon Schulz

Lecturer in Mathematics


I was born in France and lived near Paris until coming to the UK in 2006 (after an intermediate stay in the USA). After high school I studied for my undergraduate and master's degrees at St John's College, Cambridge. Initially my plan was to study applied sciences, but I became increasingly drawn towards mathematics over the months that preceded university. Unable to choose one subject over the other, I decided to study both for most of my time as an undergraduate. In the final year of my bachelor's I ended up sitting the exams for both the Engineering Tripos and the Mathematical Tripos. I then went on to do 'Part III' of the mathematics curriculum, focusing in Analysis and PDE.


I lend a hand with both departmental and college teaching, mostly assisting with the Part B and Part C Analysis courses (along with a little bit of probability and applied mathematics).


My main research interests lie in the qualitative analysis of partial differential equations that arise in fluid mechanics. At present I am working under the supervision of Prof Gui-Qiang Chen on existence problems related to the compressible Euler equations, which make use of compensated compactness methods. I have also been working on problems related to transonic flow, and to the compressible Navier-Stokes equations.