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Prof Ghassan Yassin

Senior Research Fellow in Astrophysics


I presently teach the 'Astrophysics Laboratory' for Physics students where we teach them how to process astronomical data from space and ground based telescopes, lecture the first year PhD students in Astrophysics and supervise an MPhys project. At Queen's I give tutorials in 'Electromagnetism and Optics' for the second year Physics and 'Special Relativity' for the third year.


My research group is part of the Astrophysics sub-department whose work spans most areas in Astrophysics. It typically consists of two postdoctoral research associates, two PhD students and electronics technicians. We have a state of the art cryogenic laboratory where we develop superconducting detectors with quantum-limited sensitivity and other quasi-optical and superconducting devices. These detectors and devices are used in astronomical receivers installed at the focal plane of radio-telescopes to explore the evolution of stars and galaxies or used in cosmology instruments to investigate the properties of the Cosmic Microwave Background. Our work requires thorough understanding of the physics of quantum detection above the superconducting gap, electromagnetic propagation in planar superconducting structures and of course the astronomy we aim to observe. We are funded by research grants from national and European councils.


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