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Sarah Bufkin

Stipendiary Lecturer in Politics


I went to public schools (the U.S. version of state schools) in Atlanta, Georgia before attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for my undergraduate degree in Cultural Studies and History. After working for a civil rights group in North Carolina, I moved to Northern Ireland for my MA in Political Philosophy at the Queen’s University Belfast. I then started my doctorate in political theory at Somerville College, Oxford. Currently, I am an Examination Fellow at All Souls College, Oxford, while I am finishing up my DPhil dissertation.


I teach political theory courses to first-, second-, and third-year PPE students at Queen’s College. Previously, I ran a special seminar on the carceral state and prison abolition as well as taught tutorials on feminist theory, Marxism, and modern political thought. I also supervise undergraduate theses in politics and philosophy.


I work at the intersection of antiracist thought and critical theory. My dissertation looks at how Frantz Fanon’s analyses of racial colonialism might serve as a productive model for antiracist criticism today. I have also written on the politics of voice and visibility in the U.S. and Northern Ireland. More broadly, I am interested in feminist thought, the social production of knowledge, continental philosophies of the self and Other, and Cultural Studies.


‘The Politics of White Misrecognition and Practices of Racial Inequality,' forthcoming in Paradigms of Justice: Redistribution, Recognition, and Beyond (D. Celentano and L. Caranti, eds. Routledge, 2020)