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Wilber Lim Choon Siang

Non-stipendiary Lecturer in Maths for Chemists


I spent the bulk of my growing-up years in Singapore, and studied physics at an undergraduate level at the National University of Singapore. I then spent a year pursuing a Master’s degree in applied science at Yale University in the United States, before returning to Singapore to pursue a career in the Singapore Civil Service. There, I spent twelve years working on a range of portfolios spanning education to public communication. I am currently taking a sabbatical to pursue a DPhil in Theoretical Physics at the University of Oxford.


I believe in relating what we learn to real-life applications, and that belief underlies the way I teach mathematics. There is a good reason (or several reasons) why mathematics is often referred to as the queen of the sciences.


My research focuses on the study of defective DNA – how DNA responds topologically and physically to external stresses when it is damaged. The research is highly multi-disciplinary, bridging physics, biology, chemistry and computational methods.